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Q&A with Lakewood Ranch Top Agent, Deborah O'Mara

Deborah has been in real estate and finance for over 40 years, starting her career in real estate as a Broker in Massachusetts where she became partner in her own real estate company on Cape Cod. She relocated to Florida as Vice President of Business Development and Marketing for Citibank and later was recognized as a top New Home Sales Consultant in Lakewood Ranch.

Now she is thrilled to be a top individual producer at one of the best real estate firms in the area. Deborah currently resides in Lakewood Ranch Country Club with her husband, Charles. She uses Best Agent Today to amplify her unique brand among buyers and sellers in her market.

What sets you apart from other Realtors in your market?

“To be successful in real estate, you need endless energy. But that energy must be directed in the right way, which is a willingness to go above and beyond for my clients to build trust. I’ve been able to demonstrate this by listening intently to my clients’ needs, and deliver results based on my knowledge and experience.”

How do you win listings in today's highly competitive market?

“My strategy consists of three key elements:

  • Foster relationships with my top 50 to 100 clients, as they provide the best referrals

  • Strategic marketing that communicates the value of my personal brand and the success I deliver

  • Keep a pulse on market conditions and share that information with my clients and prospects”

How have home sellers' expectations of listing agents changed over the past few years?

“Sellers are more demanding as the market has become more complex with supply & demand challenges. Today, sellers and buyers are more informed and discerning. Sellers want listing agents to excel at knowing the market and the comps. You have to have the right details to satisfy potential sellers, so they trust in your ability to deliver results.”

What makes a great listing presentation?

“In addition to having expert knowledge of the seller’s home, how it compares to other homes in the neighborhood, and deep knowledge of the neighborhood, it’s critical to make a sincere connection with sellers. Smart sellers know when an agent wants to help them get the best price for their home, or whether they just want to get the listing. Best agents make a connection with knowledge, empathy, and sincerity.”

What questions should home sellers ask, but often don't, when evaluating a listing agent?

● How many listings have you had to adjust pricing on once listed?

● How would you explain your ability to work with other agents?

● Tell me about a memorable transaction that you completed.

What are your top marketing strategies to sell homes?

● Excellent professional photography – don’t skimp!

● Email and phone outreach to local agents to inform them of my listings

● Notify Fortune 500 CEOs for luxury listings

● Targeted advertising including social media

What is the value of professional branding for a top Realtor?

“PRICELESS!! Get your brand in front of people often, IT WORKS!!”

Learn more about how Best Agent Today can help you keep your professional brand in front of your top prospects all year long.

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