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Q&A with Tracie Hurley, Best Agent Today Member

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Tracie Hurley is with Coldwell Banker Residential Realty in Fort Myers, Florida. She has been a top producer since 2016, a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, and an International Presidents Circle winner since 2020.

Tracie shared with us some of her professional tips and insights as a Best Agent in her market:

What sets you apart from other Realtors in your market?

My communication skills, attention to detail, follow-up and follow through set me apart. I answer my phone, genuinely listen to the needs and desires of clients and work to exceed those needs. I have a group of agents in my office that I work closely with so I can get coverage with confidence allowing me to be more available to my clients

How do you win listings in today’s highly competitive market?

MARKETING! My extensive marketing plan is proof of my commitment to my sellers and their properties. Understanding the individual qualities of every listing. Our homes are our largest assets, and I am extra vigilant in marketing to the strengths of each property.

How have home sellers 'expectations of listing agents changed over the past couple of years?

This is a difficult question. Sellers expect a lot from the agents, but I believe they should. The seller incurs the cost for both the buyer and seller to purchase the property. That said, many sellers think it’s easy to sell on their own and “save” money. I have heard many horror stories and severe loss of money from people trying to do this on their own and getting scammed. I try to educate my potential sellers and ensure that they see all the value in hiring me.

What makes a great listing presentation?

Understanding the market for the individual home, asking the right questions of the sellers.

  • Price expectations?

  • Timing?

  • Where are they going and do they need help to get there?

Every seller has a different journey and understanding where the seller is coming from and where they are going helps the overall presentation. For example, do they need assisted living? If the property is vacant, are we selling turnkey or does the home need repairs/updating? I uncover all details that need attention.

What questions do you wish prospective home sellers would ask during a listing presentation that would help them make the right decisions?

Referrals, experience, marketing, personal attention to details. You want to hire the whole package and I wish more sellers took the time to understand the value behind what I, with Coldwell Banker behind me, offer. There is value to the career I have built in Real Estate. This is not a hobby, second job or a passing phase. As such, I am worth my commission and then some and if sellers asked the right questions they would better understand the value of selling their largest asset.

What are your topmarketing strategies to sell homes?

My marketing includes professional photography, mailing, emailing, TV spots, print magazine, social media campaigns, over 750 websites in over 16 languages around the globe! I utilize our exclusive “look” program that sends out home listing information to Coldwell Banker agents across the globe before the properties hit the MLS, allowing for agents and buyers to view the property ahead of everyone else.

Also, I’m a Certified Luxury Property Specialists. I hold this certification and am always continuing my education and designations to ensure I am current and utilizing all that Coldwell Banker has to offer

OPEN HOUSES and neighborhood announcements: I will always believe it is important to get people into the home and allow them to feel the quality and fully understand what they are buying.

I also use video and FaceTime to showcase homes to people who are not able to view the property in person.

What is the value of professional branding for a top Realtor?

It was important for me to associate with a company that had longevity and stood the test of time and seasons. Coldwell Banker is a household name and has brand recognition and a stellar reputation. This is important in buying and selling the reputation of the people you surround yourself with. I wanted my image and my career to be with the best in the business and the Global Luxury market is the pinnacle of the Coldwell Banker brand. With this branding and certification,I bring top dollar, qualified buyers and a complete package to get the sellers property SOLD for the best price in the least amount of time and allow the seller to move forward.

Southwest Florida is known for its vacations, tourism, beaches, Gulf waters, sunshine, outdoor activities and so much more! I can push this information out to the entire WORLD of buyers that are searching for the piece of Southwest Florida paradise! Branding is EVERYTHING!

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