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  • Deanna Coffey

Yes, Every Realtor Can Successfully Build Their Brand Among Homeowners -- and Here's How

Deciding on a real estate agent happens way before homeowners are ready to sell. You must build your brand to tell homeowners, “Why choose me as your Realtor?" The secret to brand-building success isn't what you may think. Like brand-building masters Apple, Amazon, and Netflix, you need to know exactly who your audience is, where they are, and what makes you unique. Then, you're ready for the big secret to success.

Consistency is the Key

Your time is your most valuable asset, so you must spend it wisely as you decide how to set yourself apart as a real estate agent. You need to consistently engage with your audience, even before they're ready to sell. Most agents trying to grow their customer base focus on buyers and sellers who are ready to do transactions right now. The long-term winners are the real estate agents who nurture buying and selling prospects all year long. Why? Because no matter what you're buying, people work with the brands they know, like, and trust. And that trust builds over time.

Finding Your Audience

You can't be everything to everyone. So, the more targeted you can be, the better your message will resonate with your audience. Most successful Realtors are experts in specific neighborhoods or communities. They know the demographics of the residents and what matters most to them. Plus, smart real estate agents know how to find them on social media through apps that homeowners visit.

Being an Expert in Your Area

Real estate agents with solid brands know the area and its value, the schools, and the region's plans. But you've got to find an efficient way to share that knowledge year-round, to build your brand, so your target audience begins to know, like, and trust you. You can start sharing your expertise so buyers and sellers will think of you when they are ready to engage.

Carefully Select How and Where You Show Up

It takes much less time and money to build a relationship with your audience than you think. When you partner with Best Agent Today, you can promote and amplify your brand by focusing on prospective home sellers in your area and have your expertise be seen on the trusted mobile apps, social media and websites that homeowners frequent.

Best Agent Today can help you reach your BEST audience all year long - cost effectively.

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